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Canton Restorative Dentistry

Woman smiling holding coffeeAt Dentistry at Hickory Flat, our dentists believe that every patient deserves to have teeth that are truly at their best. Unfortunately, tooth decay, injuries, and more can rob you of that goal over time. Thankfully, our practice features several excellent restorative dentistry options that are designed to rebuild attractive, durable dental structure you can rely on. We place dental implants, design customized restorations like crowns and bridges, fill cavities with tooth-colored fillings, and much more! To get started, contact our Canton location and schedule an appointment. It’s never too late to start enjoying an amazing smile again.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Model of fixed bridge restoration

Dental crowns are designed to rebuild individual teeth that have been badly damaged by infection or physical trauma. The restoration fits over the visible shape of the tooth, both recreating its natural appearance and preserving what remains of the tooth underneath. Patients can count on crowns to restore both function and cosmetic appearance.

Alternatively, dental bridges are designed to replace missing teeth that appear consecutively on the same row. This prosthetic is securely anchored in place by two dental crowns that attach to natural teeth on either side of the gap, giving the patient back their oral function and sense of self-confidence.

Both crowns and bridges can be completed in just two visits here in Canton, and they provide strong, attractive results that are built last for a decade or even longer.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Closeup of smile during dental exam

Instead of relying on traditional amalgam, our dentists are proud to use metal-free composite as an attractive alternative that closely matches the original shade of your tooth enamel. Tooth-colored fillings are designed to blend in with your smile seamlessly, and they’re also 100% biocompatible and free of potentially harmful mercury. Their conservative nature is also perfect for smaller fillings, which means that we can preserve more of your tooth’s remaining healthy structure in the long-run. With proper brushing and flossing at home and consistent checkups, patients can expect their new filling to last for a long time.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

Hand holding full denture in glass of water

Our dentists are proud to offer highly modern and personalized denture options here in Canton. Both traditional, removable dentures and advanced implant-retained models are available, depending on the patient’s personal needs and preferences.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all teeth, dentures are a reliable solution to adult tooth loss. Our team uses state-of-the-art imaging tools and diagnostic techniques in order to create a prosthetic that both feels and looks lifelike.

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Root Canal Therapy

Man grimacing and holding cheek

Although it may have a scary reputation, a root canal is actually a highly successful and reinvigorating procedure that can rescue badly damaged teeth that would otherwise have to be removed from the mouth. Our dentists will carefully access the innermost layer of the tooth (known as the dental pulp) and remove bacteria and infected tissue from the area in order to relieve oral pain. With the help of modern anesthesia and sedation dentistry, root canals are more comfortable than ever before.

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Tooth Extractions

Metal forceps honding tooth

At Dentistry at Hickory Flat, our dentists want to help patients maintain natural, healthy teeth for their entire lives. However, our team also understands that unfortunate circumstances can sometimes occur that make extraction a necessary choice, such as:

  • A tooth has suffered a traumatic injury
  • Gum disease has severely damaged the bone and tissue supporting the tooth
  • A primary (“baby”) tooth will not fall out without help
  • A tooth is suffering from advanced tooth decay and cannot be restored
  • Room needs to be created in the mouth to accommodate a denture and/or braces

When undergoing extraction, patients can rest assured that we will prioritize their comfort and safety every step of the way here in Canton.

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