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3 Toothbrushing Tips From Your Dentist in Hickory Flats

October 6, 2015

father and daughter brushing teeth with tips from their dentist in hickory flatsMost people like to do it as soon as they wake up. Others wait until after breakfast. Almost everyone does it before bed. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget to do it at all.

I’m talking about toothbrushing — the number one defense (with flossing) we have against gum disease. Did you know that as many as three in 10 Americans aren’t brushing their teeth as well as they should? That number could be a lot worse, but when you consider that good oral hygiene habits prevent gum disease — a condition that has serious implications on overall health — it’s clear that we need to give our toothbrush a little more attention.

This month, listen to your trusted dentist in Hickory Flats for a brush-up on good brushing techniques.

Three Tips for Proper Toothbrushing

It’s not rocket science, but good toothbrushing does take some special maneuvering. Remember these tips tonight, tomorrow and every day and you’ll be on your way to a cleaner, brighter smile for life.

#1. Update your tools

It doesn’t matter how good your technique is if you’re using old tools. Make sure your toothbrush is able to give you optimal results — replace it every two to three months, when it begins to show wear or after an illness. There’s no point in trying to save a few dollars by hanging on to the same old brush, considering tooth decay and gum disease cost you far more in the long run.

#2. Put in the time

Most adults make one simple mistake when it comes to brushing their teeth — they either don’t do it long enough, or they skip it altogether.  Excellent oral hygiene requires twice-a-day brushing for two minutes at a time. It may feel like a lot, but it’s worth it — it’s the only chance you have to remove bacteria, after all. If you struggle with bad breath or excess plaque buildup you may benefit from brushing throughout the day, too. And if you have trouble brushing for two minutes at a time, try setting a timer to help you get a feel for it.

#3. Watch your technique

Brushing certainly isn’t the most exciting part of anyone’s day, and so we get lazy as a result. But watch it — those careless habits cause bacteria to build up over time, causing decay and other problems. Make sure you’re brushing effectively by using soft, circle strokes, and brush at a 45 degree angle. Brush each quadrant for 30 seconds each, and don’t forget to go over your tongue, too.

Round Out Your Routine: Call Your Dentist Today

Remember that an excellent oral hygiene routine requires three things: proper brushing, flossing and twice-annual visits to a dentist you can count on. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental appointment, don’t wait — call your dentist at Hickory Flats today. We’re proud to provide services to the Canton area and surrounding cities of Woodstock, Cartersville, Calhoun, Acworth, Jasper, Ball Ground, Holly Springs and Alpharetta.

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