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Canton, GA dentists give 5 tips for best oral health

May 25, 2016

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Oral health rests on preventive care from your Canton, GA dentists, Drs. Brian and Katherine Lee. Read their 5 tips for healthy, long-lived smiles.Can you keep your teeth and have pink, vibrant gum tissue for a lifetime? The professional staff at Dentistry at Windermere say you can. Much depends on following some important oral care tips from these highly skilled and caring Canton, GA dentists.

A combination of at-home and in-office care

Dr. Brian Lee and Dr. Katherine Lee believe in excellent preventive care, and it starts in the home. What happens at Dentistry at Windermere supports and completes what patients do for themselves on a daily basis. Altogether, there are 5 basic areas that help individuals keep their best dental health.

One is drinking at least eight 8-ounce glass of water daily. Water hydrates the whole body, helps make saliva and cleanses tooth surfaces and gums of food residues. A clean, well-hydrated mouth gets fewer cavities and less gum disease.

Two is eating a nutritious diet. High calcium, low fat dairy products support strong tooth enamel. Fibrous fruits and vegetables exercise oral tissues and scrape plaque off teeth. Lean meats and whole grains do the same, and of course, everyone should watch their intake of starches and sugary food and drinks. Oral bacteria love carbs and thrive on them. Bacteria eat away at enamel and foster periodontitis, a major cause of tooth loss among American adults.

Three is oral hygiene. Everyday, without fail, the Canton, GA dentists want young and elder patients to brush twice for 2 minutes each time. Floss daily, too, to remove plaque from interdental spaces and the gum line. Brushing freshens breath as well.

Four is get routine dental examinations and professional cleanings at Dentistry at Windermere. Every 6 months is the rule–more frequently if you are diabetic or are prone to gum disease. Each exam looks for dental decay, gum disease, bite and jaw problems, and oral cancer. The doctors take x-rays as needed and screen for issues such as TMJ dysfunction,  tooth grinding and the need for orthodontic correction. Dental problems caught early stay small, preserving gums and teeth for the long haul.

Five is use of preventive treatments such as topical fluoride and plastic dental sealants. The team at Dentistry at Windermere applies fluoride to young teeth and adult smile, too, to ward off cavities and reduce dental sensitivity. Plastic sealants coat molars and other teeth with deep grooves to minimize decay for several years. Simple and inexpensive, sealants and fluoride are great insurance against oral health issues.

Find out more

The best dental care providers take time for patient teaching. If you would like to know more preventive tips for your best oral health now and in the future, contact Dentistry at Windermere for your 6-month cleaning and exam. Take that opportunity to ask questions and air concerns about problems and prevention. The dentists are their staff are only too happy to help!

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