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Night guards treat teeth grinding in Canton, GA

June 6, 2016

Canton, GA teeth grinding wears tooth enamel. Drs. Brian and Katherine Lee evaluate and treat teeth grinding at Dentistry at Hickory Flat.Millions of people of all ages across the United States have a destructive and sometimes, unconscious, habit. It’s called bruxism or teeth grinding. Brought on by stress, poor bite and even some prescriptions, teeth grinding in Canton, GA and elsewhere can be treated successfully.

Bruxism causes several uncomfortable symptoms

Nighttime Canton, GA teeth grinding is more than a nuisance to  people sleeping in the same room. Medically termed bruxism, teeth grinding  presents with difficult signs and  symptoms such as:

  • Chipped, unevenly worn or fractured teeth
  • Damaged restorations such as dental crowns and fillings
  • Thin tooth enamel
  • Pain in the jaw, neck or face
  • Severe headaches, including migraines, particularly in the norming
  • A jaw locked closed
  • Damage inside the cheeks from unconscious chewing

Ignored and untreated, bruxism makes  patients experience TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction, depression, attention and memory deficits, insomnia, and problems with social and family relationships. Bruxism is more common in women than in men and happens to children and adolescents, too.  However, as young jaws grow, teeth grinding frequently ceases by itself, usually by age 13.

Categorized as a both sleep disorder and a dental disorder, Canton, GA teeth grinding is treatable. Drs. Brian and Katherine Lee examine patients who exhibit symptoms of this problem.They may prescribe customised night guards and other interventions to decrease symptoms.

How Dr. Lee evaluates for Canton, GA teeth grinding

Dr. Lee discusses the patient’s symptoms, medical history and current prescription medications. He or she performs a complete examination, looking at how the patient’s teeth bite together.   X-rays and other imaging  visualize underlying bone structure. If the dentist diagnoses bruxism, the team at Dentistry at HIckory Flats approaches the issue in a few different ways, depending on severity:

  • relaxation techniques to decrease stress
  • massage
  • ice and heat applied to the jaw
  • rest
  • Resurfacing teeth so they come together properly
  • muscle relaxants
  • avoiding stress
  • reducing consumption of stimulants such as caffeine
  • orthodontic correction with traditional braces or Invisalign
  • oral surgery for the most extreme cases
  • BOTOX injections into the jaw joint to relax musculature

Customized night guards or splints decrease teeth grinding as well.  Made of acrylic, the guards fit over the top and bottom arches. Patients wear the guards during sleep when symptoms of bruxism worsen. The dentist may use night guards with other treatments for optimal relief.

Contact Dentistry at Hickory Flat

Do you have bruxism? Find out by contacting the team at Dentistry at Hickory Flat. Trust your Canton, GA dentists for an accurate diagnosis and treatment that really works.

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