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Improve Your Dentures with Dental Implants in Canton

February 13, 2017

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How could dental implants help my dentures in Canton?Moments like these are why you’re happy to be a grandparent: your grand-kids are rough-housing at your feet as you relax in your favorite chair. There’s a touch of sadness, however, because you wish you could join in the fun, but can’t. Your dentures have become very loose over the years, and it’s hard enough to keep them in place while you are simply talking or eating. The last thing you want is for them to fly out of your mouth and traumatize your grandchildren. There has to be a set of dentures that doesn’t limit you so much, but how would they even work? The key, actually, is dental implants in Canton. They can give you a set of dentures that fit better and last longer, making your life so much simpler.  

A Better Denture

The fit of your dentures changes over time because of your gums. After tooth loss, the body starts to naturally cut off the blood flow to the area, and this causes the gums (and jaw) to slowly shrink. This is why a snug-fitting set of dentures can feel like they’re barely staying in your mouth after only a few years. Most people combat this by using more denture adhesive, which is sticky, inconvenient, and tastes awful. Others alter their life around their dentures, mostly in the food they eat. As it becomes more difficult to chew tougher foods, they start to gravitate towards softer, and inevitably, less healthier choices. This is where things can get serious, because a diet lacking in proteins and fibrous vegetables is an incomplete one. This is why people with a full set of dentures tend to die 10 years earlier than expected.

One way to prevent this change in fit and even reverse the tissue loss common after tooth loss is with implant-retained dentures. Rather than using denture adhesive or natural suction, dental implants firmly and securely fit them to your jaw. They have numerous advantages over traditional dentures.

The Benefits of Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant-retained dentures have a better, more consistent fit than traditional dentures for two reasons. Firstly, the dental implants provide a strong hold because they are surgically implanted into the thickest part of your jaw. This makes them very similar to natural tooth roots. So natural, in fact, that the body actually sends blood to them. This renewed blood flow is what keeps the fit consistent for many years. It revitalizes and stabilizes the surrounding gum and bone tissue so that they don’t atrophy over time. Rather than passively restoring your smile, implant-supported dentures actively help you.

They also allow for a much stronger bite force, which enables patients to eat a wider variety of healthier foods. Bite force is usually measured with a unit called Pascals. A full set of natural teeth usually provides a person with a bite force of about 200-270 Pascals, while traditional dentures only provide about 40 Pascals. This is why many people have to drastically alter their diet. Implant-retained dentures, however, allow a patient to have a bite force of 150 Pascals or greater. This allows them to eat whatever they want with confidence. The end result is a set of teeth you can rely on whether you’re talking, eating, or simply want to play with your grand-kids.

How Can I Get Them?

The first step to getting implant-retained dentures is to make an appointment with Dentistry at Hickory Flat. This will allow our doctors to examine you and determine if they are your best solution. If they are, they can perform the entire procedure in-office, and you could have a new set of teeth in as little as one visit.

You don’t need to deal with dentures that limit your diet or make you think twice before you talk. You can get your real smile back with implant-retained dentures, so call us today to get started.

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