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What Your Teeth Say About You

November 16, 2021

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patient learning what your teeth say about you in Canton

Our teeth are an important part of our day-to-day routines. They help us eat, speak properly, and express confidence in ourselves and our abilities. A smile is worth a thousand words, but what does your grin really say about you? Though cosmetic dentistry can be used to correct smile imperfections, your teeth can tell others a lot about your habits, lifestyle, and specific traits you have. Read on to learn what your teeth say about you in Canton.

#1: Biological Sex

Just by looking at someone’s smile, you can get a better idea of what their biological gender is. People who are biologically male usually have lateral incisors that are squarer and longer. Those who are biologically female often have longer front teeth that are rounded at the end.

#2: How Old You Are

Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, your smile changes as you age. Young people tend to have more rectangular teeth and incisors with rounder corners. Older people often have shorter, more square teeth. This is because the average person loses anywhere from one to five millimeters of tooth length throughout their life.

#3: Personality Traits

Interestingly enough, there also appears to be a correlation between teeth and your personality type. Some examples of this include:

  • Competitiveness – Those who are highly competitive are more likely to clench their jaws and chew ice. This can lead to chips, cracks, and additional wear.
  • Aggressiveness – Those who are more aggressive than usual tend to have pointier, more pronounced canines. These people are also prone to brushing their teeth too hard or grinding them, which will likely become more and more apparent over time.
  • Passiveness – People who tend to be more submissive or relaxed and aren’t used to being in stressful situations often have flatter canines with curvier tips.
  • Anxiousness – If you’re an anxious person, you are more likely to grind your teeth from stress. This can cause the tooth enamel to erode and can result in weakened teeth, premature wear, TMJ problems, and a host of other issues.
  • Social Butterfly – If you love to go out on the weekends, this may be apparent in your smile. Common party activities like drinking and smoking can take a toll on the teeth through discoloration, enamel erosion, and more.

#4: Risk of Mental Health Issues

Our teeth show a lot about the history of our bodies and experiences. According to new research, doctors may even be able to use children’s teeth to predict mental health risks. This can be done by analyzing their baby teeth in conjunction with information about their family history.

No matter how private you like to keep your life, your smile tells others a lot about you. So, make sure to take good care of your pearly whites to preserve your privacy and enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth.

About the Author

Dr. Sean Van Tuyl, Dr. Katherine Lee, Dr. Brian Lee, and the rest of their team at Dentistry at Hickory Flat aim to help you preserve your smile. They offer various preventive treatments to help you keep it looking young and healthy. When your smile does begin to show signs of wear, you can speak with them about one of their many cosmetic services to give you back that youthful glow. To learn more about what your smile says about you or to set up an appointment, visit Dentistry at Hickory Flat’s website or call their office at (770) 213-8166.

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